Programming Contest DC / State finals results announced. Congratulations to all Winners and Runners.

Programming Contest

Aspirations2020 Programming Contest

To foster problem solving and algorithmic thinking abilities
Prove yourself to be a Smart Programmer!
Here is the opportunity to demonstrate your programming skills.
Team up with your best friends and get ready for online Programming contest!

Infosys is pleased to announce Aspirations2020 Programming Contest for Engineering and MCA students. This is organized by Campus Connect team of Infosys and sponsored by Infosys Limited.

Aspirations2020 is a platform for students of engineering colleges to prepare themselves to become smart professionals. This contest under Aspirations2020 will encourage the spirit of competitiveness and accelerate learning through extra curricular activities, within the student community.

Participate and enhance your programming competency

Rules and Regulations – Programming Contest:

  1. This is a team event.
  2. Participation for this event is open for second year and above of Engineering and MCA students. Students from any engineering discipline/ branch may participate.
  3. Each team will comprise of three members from the same institution. Team composition cannot change once the college round is completed.
  4. You need to register for the contest as a participating TEAM on the Campus Connect Portal by providing necessary personal data of three members of the team, before the registration closing date.  You will find some tips and other learning resources to help you prepare for the contest.
  5. Once you register for the event, indicate your acceptance that the organizers decision will be final and binding.
  6. Prizes and certificates will be distributed for winning teams from DC finals contest. 


Contest Stages:
STAGE I: Teasers to participating colleges
  • Before the college level contest start you will need to participate in a teaser round contest, which is an optional round.
  • The aim of this feature is to
    • Promote the programming contest
    • Familiarize you with how to use the online environment for the programming contest by practicing to solve problems
  • A custom web page will be created on the Campus Connect portal that will be accessible to you. You may choose your preferred slot for practice.
  • During the teaser round you may take up to 2 hours of programming practice, online.  You will be required to randomly solve problems of simple, medium and complex types that carry different maximum marks. 
  • There will be some set of questions for a student to work on. You may choose to answer as many as you can and these marks will not be considered you to get into college rounds. All solutions submitted will be evaluated and scored by special online software. Marks are for our internal process & will not be shared.
  • You will be provided with programming examples and several useful learning resources for preparing for programming contest.
  • You may choose to use any of the programming languages like C or C++ or Java.
STAGE 2: College Level Programming Contest
  • Online contest platform will be used for conducting programming contest over the Internet at college computer labs.
  • The college level contest will be of 2 hours duration.
  • The contest will be conducted in the computer lab of the college with proctoring support by the non-computer science college faculty.
  • There will be about 3 problems for you to solve. You are required to solve as many problems as you can within this time which of varying complexity.
  • Best performing teams of each logical region (consisting of about 20-35 colleges in each region) will be selected for participation in DC finals round by automated evaluation of submitted solutions.
  • There will be manual validation of solutions in case of tie-scores.
STAGE 3: DC Finals Programming Contest
  • The DC level contest will be conducted at Infosys DC (Development Centre) online computer labs using the same contest platform over Internet.
  • DC level contest will result in selection of winner and runner-up teams.
  • The DC level contest will be of 3 hours duration.
  • There will be about 5 problems for teams to solve. Teams are required to solve as many problems as they can within the time, which are of varying complexity.